The private Reserve at Reserva Tres Rios contains a 60 acre nature reserve of dense secondary forest which is a natural haven for many animals, birds, butterflies, plants and fruit trees. This private nature reserve is solely for the use of the local wildlife and our home owners and their guests. 

Click to enlargeThe green area of the map shows the extent of the nature reserve; yellow areas are the original pasture land on which we’ve located the individual lots. When planning the project we located the lots with care. Not one tree in the forest has been cut, and disturbance of the undergrowth has been absolutely minimal during the project.

Trails lead deep into the forest winding past huge trees and across small creeks and lead to waterfalls and viewing locations. The paths also connect the two areas of lots and run parallel to the central creek at the bottom.  As you step into the forest, it’s barely a moment before you become fully immersed and it’s easy to forget that you are only a short distance away from your home.

Although hard to tell from the outside because the dense foliage obscures the underlying landscape, the creeks have created steep ravines which make passage across some of the areas difficult other than on the paths and creek beds.   

Leaving this forest untouched is just part of our commitment to protecting the environment. Controlling erosion, planting grasses and shrubs, ensuring animals’ access to our streams and rivers, and keeping building lots large all contribute to preserving the natural environment for our animals’ and birds’ wellbeing – as well as for your enjoyment.

within the project we have planted 2,500 new trees as well as many shrubs and bushes for your enjoyment.