A Green Community

Brothers James Dodwell and Alastair Dodwell had two goals with the Reserva. 

  • The first was to minimize the environmental impact of the development work itself. 
  • The second was to create a community of likeminded owners in which we are all thoughtful stewards of the nature Reserve, the wildlife that roams beyond the Reserve’s boundaries, and our own individual lots.  Extending this philosophy to the design and construction of a home will help minimize the long-term impact on the land.

We love the idea of “tropicality”, the observation that life in the tropics differs from that of more temperate climes.  As our favorite green architect Bruno Stagno puts it:  “In the West, thinking is guided by Cartesian rationality of “I think therefore I am”; nevertheless, in the tropics, thinking is guided by another kind of rationality…conditioned by life and its strong relationship with nature”.   A more applicable rationality, from writer Alejo Carpentier, is “We feel, therefore we exist”.  

We believe there is plenty of scope for creating a spectacular and delightful home in the tropics using simple, local materials by means of intelligent and fun designs that needn’t cost a great deal.  We look forward to helping you navigate these choices and helping you build a wonderful tropical house that is truly a place to call home.